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The Sitecore-based online presence of the leading electricity company has been completely restructured and expanded with e-commerce and personalisation functions to enable individual service queries and compilations for the customer.


Product Configuration | Customer Experience


The development of the customer portal will not only continuously improve the company's range of products, but also improve performance by digitizing various processes.

Markus Dietrich, Chief Customer Officer, - an IBM Company

The internet has become increasingly important for the sales activities of the electricity company. In order to realise an innovative and customer-oriented online appearance, a new information and navigation concept was needed which is responsive on different devices. One of the main aims was to become more present in the online world and increase the sales rate over the web platform.

The Sitecore-based online presence has been put on new footing and been expanded through eCommerce and personalisation functions. A customer-oriented online appearance was created by with a focus on the online user experience.

With the new platform, different processes are now digitalised. One of the integrated functions is the product configuration which allows customers to put together an individual range of services. Thanks to the new platform, an increase in performance through the digitalisation of various processes was realised.

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