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For Eurowings we created a content hub based on the Adobe Experience Manager. Horizons increases customer traffic and engagement through inspiring, data-driven travel content.


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Eurowings Horizons Mockup

The project team provided us with both strategic and technical support in the development of the hub. As a result, we have created a new and exciting platform to inspire our customers.

Jan Klippel - Head of Digital Experience at Eurowings

Horizons is the first project of the brand-new digital lab of Eurowings – the Eurowings Digital GmbH. The strategic goal for Horizons is to provide authentic and inspirational travel content that supports customers in researching and planning their next trip. Horizons is only the first step for Eurowings Digital towards their vision of creating the smartest travel companion.


Horizons’ content is served via Adobe Experience Manager Content Fragments. For the initial launch three different content formats were set up: reportage, listicle and itinerary. Authors can further enhance the experience with eight different custom components such as a conversion widget, leading to the booking funnel of Eurowings.

The new travel hub feeds sustainable traffic to Eurowing’s digital ecosystem. This generates additional cost-effective website traffic and increases the booking conversion. The first step for Eurowings Digital towards building the smartest travel companion has been made. In the next months, Horizons will start with implementing personalisation and enhancing the commercial components with dynamic API integrations.

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