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For Doka, we implemented the first B2B online shop for formwork systems and components. The shop enables customers to easily find the desired products from a wide range.


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Our new online channel, enabled by SAP Commerce for B2B and, supports our strategy of extending and reinventing our business model.

Gerald Haring, Head of e-Commerce, Doka Group

Doka made it their aim to be the first formwork supplier providing online ordering on a broad basis. Previously, clients needed to contact a salesperson to place their orders. For clients who already know which products to buy, a complete omni-channel strategy with an online shop is a more efficient and more convention option.

The first B2B online shop for formwork systems and components was realised with SAP Commerce. The shop allows customers to easily find the products they need from the diverse range available. Due to the responsive design, online ordering is even possible from a construction site if necessary, as the interface is developed for use on mobile devices.

The shop adds convenience for clients, who enjoy quick and easy online ordering round-the-clock. The orders proceed smoothly and users compliment the easy handling and customer convenience of the shop. With the new online shop, 50% lower processing costs are expected for each order placed online. On top, salespeople save time and can now focus on supporting clients with complex requirements.

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Klaus Oberlehner

Managing Director

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