For Alnatura we created a website with an intuitive and appealing brand and product presentation and an active user experience. The new online presence is based on Sitecore and displays products and brands with first-class imagery.


Marketing Transformation | Customer Experience | Sitecore Commerce

Customers with their needs and desires are the focus of our digital marketing. We prove this with Sitecore and on our new website.

Florian Ruppert, Project Leader at Alnatura

Alnatura aimed at presenting brands and products in an emotive and appealing way, and different user groups were to be targeted and addressed according to their needs. The content, therefore, was to be regional, personalised and should be presented in a high-quality interlinked manner.

The new portal convinces with a navigation structure that creates fluid transitions between the fields of information. Numerous opportunities for interaction are offered, and by that a modern customer experience is created. Clear, natural-looking aesthetics and large-scale imagery have been used to create the context and present the brands and products in an emotive way.

The implementation provides the Alnatura editorial team with a strongly improved performance as well as a more efficient and consistent working environment. It also serves as a basis for future developments, which were already established during the strategic planning phase of the relaunch.

Creating a better digital tomorrow.

We transform brands and businesses into digital leaders. We help you to define and deliver your digital journey and reinvent our business by design.

Klaus Oberlehner

Managing Director Business Development

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