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A Day with Viktor – Java Web Developer at

Varaždin, Croatia


Viktor got involved with during his studies in Varaždin. After a month’s work placement, he wrote the thesis for his Master’s degree on “Personalisation with Adobe Experience Manager”. Afterwards he stayed with us as a Java Web Developer for Adobe Experience Manager. Every day, he and his team establish the needs of the customer and translate these requirements into appropriate modules and features.

Viktor’s journey to becoming a Java Web Developer:

  • Organisation & Computer Science (Master’s Degree)
  • Volunteer work with school projects

Viktor works at one of our locations in Croatia. Find out more about our office in Varaždin here.


6:00 am

Off to Varaždin

Viktor lives in Čakovec, around 15km away from Varaždin. Despite this, he only needs to get up at 7am to be in the office around 8am. He lives in Čakovec for two reasons: Firstly, he grew up there, and secondly he has a hobby there two evenings a week which he can’t take with him to Varaždin. There, he teaches programming to children who are eager to learn.


8:00 am

Getting started

When Viktor gets to the office around 8am there is usually a lot going on already. This is handy because when he gets his coffee, he can get the day’s news at the same time – job-related as well as social. For Viktor, his colleagues are like a big family and he is happy to be working with them. There is always something to chat about. After that, they carry on from where they left off the night before.


10:00 am

Daily meeting

At, Scrum is now part of the daily routine. However, the agile workplace is still uncharted territory for some customers. Internal project structures within their companies have often been established over many years and need to be relaxed gradually. For this reason, Viktor’s team has slightly adapted Scrum for the customer. However, this doesn’t affect the daily morning meeting. Since his team is international, and his colleagues in Vienna start work a bit later, the meeting is set up as a video conference at 10am.


12:30 am


Half-time is lunchtime. If Viktor hasn’t brought any food with him, he orders something or goes to the local supermarket with a colleague. There is a wide selection there and it’s good to get out for a bit of fresh air.


1:00 pm


The actual development, that is the writing of code, usually takes place in a quiet environment, but allows for frequent dialogue with a frontend developer in Vienna. In order to be as agile as possible while working, they coordinate closely. They communicate through internal chat or via IBM Rational Team Concert – a tool that Viktor’s team uses to manage and assign tasks.


1:30 pm


In order to keep up with the latest developments in the digital world, Viktor checks various sources every day. He follows tech blogs and reads a lot on the social news aggregator Reddit. The active community there is often more quickly and better informed than most official sources.


4:00 pm

Logging off?

If Viktor takes his laptop with him when he logs off, it has nothing to do with overtime. It is more likely that he will be working from home the following day. Or else he needs it for his voluntary work after finishing his day job, because in his free time Viktor is still very busy with coding and technology in general.


from 4:30 pm

Kids Coding

On Tuesdays and Thursdays Viktor goes to a school in Čakovec straight after work, where he is a voluntary helper for two non-profit organisations for children. For more than 5 years he has been teaching primary school children and pupils from a secondary school all about programming, robotics and electrical engineering. Together with two teachers and two friends who also work in IT, he takes part in international competitions with the children. “Some of them are already better developers than me”, Viktor jokes. and You?

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