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A day with Tim - Technical Architect at

Dusseldorf, Germany


From school to college via technical diploma to Bachelor of Computer Science – Tim has chosen an exceptional educational path to explore his passion for programming. His first conversation with was just as classic: a short telephone call which he completed within 20 minutes. On the bus. On the way home from his student job. He discovered at a careers fair at university. A fellow student, who was already working for us at the time, gave him the final push. Lucky for us! Today he works with us as an AEM Developer and also as a Technical Architect designing projects for us.

Tim’s journey to becoming a Technical Architect:

  • Bachelor: Informatics
  • Work placement: Android development
  • Web developer for Adobe Experience Manager at

Tim works at our site in Düsseldorf in Germany. You can find more information about our office in Düsseldorf here.


8:30 am

Starting the day gently

Tim doesn’t have any client meetings today so he can set his alarm clock a little later. And because he doesn’t rely on public transport in the warm summer months he takes the easy way to work – by longboard.


9:30 am

Question time

After the Daily, Tim has left a free hour to discuss information and ideas with his development colleagues. In so doing he can clarify any questions that have arisen the previous day, since his customer project team is spread out over all our locations. Tim is the first point of contact for very critical issues in code development, which is part of his role as Technical Architect.


11:00 am

New requirements?

While the product owner focuses on the WHAT during project implementation, Tim is concerned with the HOW. Tim is in regular contact with his product owner so he is better able to prioritise requirements – translated into user stories and epics – for the future Sprint. For that reason, another meeting is scheduled today to discuss new customer queries.


12:30 pm

Lunch break with the Advocate

At noon, Tim is in the café next door with Jens, his advocate. The two wanted to talk again. Topic of conversation: Tim. Advocates act as a kind of “career coach” and are colleagues who take on this role in addition to their main job. In this way, we bring together experience and expertise from different areas. You can discuss with them the best path for you and your career within our organisation.


1:30 pm

Examination of customer requirements

Back at his desk, Tim has to prepare for a consultation meeting. On this project, he is working exclusively as a consultant: A new version of AEM has been released and he is looking into the implications of this for an existing platform. Tomorrow he has to agree with the relevant IT service providers how they will proceed with the customer.


3:00 pm

Evaluation of assets

We continually invest in developing new assets which make the development of our customer projects faster and better.
The use of one of our assets seems to make sense for one of Tim’s projects. To clarify this, a meeting is held to collectively brainstorm: How can his team use the potential of this asset for the customer and introduce it to him in the forthcoming workshop?


4:30 pm

The last post-it

We record all projects in JIRA. There are however always “interim tasks” that are not recorded there. Tim has found
his own analogue solution: On his desk, he gathers everything that needs to be done this week which isn’t directly related to a customer project. At the end of the day it is always a great feeling to crumple up another of these post-it notes.


from 5:30 pm

Developing new ideas with friends

Tim leaves the office later today. But there is a change of subject! Like many of our colleagues with a passion for
programming, Tim also codes for private projects in his free time. Practical if the participants include colleagues – as is the case with Tim. Over an after-work beer they talk about what they have already achieved, fix bugs and think of new features. and You?

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