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A day with Nadia - Scrum Master at

Dusseldorf, Germany


Nadia is a Scrum Master and responsible for the development of Scrum at She herself says: “I don’t lead a project, but rather a team, which in turn implements a project”. In Italy, where she originates from, she studied maths and computer science. After some time as a software developer she went to Finland, where her love of Agile and Scrum developed. The search for new challenges drew her to Germany and fortunately to

Experience with:

  • Software development
  • Quality assurance
  • Agile software testing
  • Test managing
  • Leadership
  • 9 years of Scrum

Nadia works at our location in Germany. Find out more about our office in Dusseldorf here.


6:45 am

Morning routine

For Nadia, “leading people” starts as soon as she gets up. She has a son who needs to be looked after and taken to nursery, however there is always time for breakfast together. She takes him to nursery in the car and then drives on to the harbour. When the weather is good she drives back home and cycles along the river Rhine to work.


9:30 am

Getting connected

Her agency morning starts at the coffee machine, chatting briefly with her colleagues. Then she says “good morning” to her team, with a look at their group chat. Nadia’s team is spread through Austria, Croatia, England and Germany. This tool has therefore become an important means of communication. Emails are always the second choice.


10:00 am

Daily Scrum

At 10am it really gets going, at the daily update meeting with the whole team. It is important to Nadia that this is via videoconference, since right from the start this connects the team more strongly than faceless voices. This meeting benefits everyone, by bringing them all up to date and agreeing the tasks for the day.


12:30 pm


Nadia loves eating and there is nothing she doesn’t like – absolutely nothing at all. In spite of this, she likes to know exactly what she is eating, so she prefers to bring her own lunch with her. This stops her ordering too much unhealthy rubbish or getting sandwiches from the “breadman”. Exceptions are planned lunches with colleagues. If Minh and Sebastian invite her to make summer rolls together, for example.


1:00 pm


Whenever time permits, Nadia tries to concentrate on the further development of the Scrum area. Her goal is to continually push forward the entire subject of Scrum. She unites all the Scrum Masters at and tries to strengthen the connection between the sites and across the countries. She also ensures that the personnel in her area continue to develop.


2:00 pm

Team up & Work

Even though Nadia’s project team is spread out internationally, at least some of them come to Düsseldorf regularly. For some subjects, it is simply more helpful to sit down together in one room. To ensure this time is used as effectively as possible, Nadia prepares for the presence of her team members as much she can to make their stay as pleasant as she can.


3:00 pm

Internal communication

In spite of chats, emails etc, Nadia’s day is usually peppered with meetings. Another role taken on by Nadia is the team lead for an entire technology team. Communication – whether digital or face to face – therefore represents the lion’s share of her work. It sounds exhausting, and it is, but that is exactly what she loves: intense collaboration with great people.


from 5:30 pm

The somewhat different team

After work she goes home, where her son is already waiting to go to the playground. The intensive contact with people she loves carries on seamlessly. All in all, this may sound like a stressful everyday life, but without all the changes, various characters and lots of new experiences, Nadia would get bored much too quickly. and you?

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