A Day with Martina – Quality Engineer at ecx.io

Varaždin, Croatia


Martina has been with ecx.io since April 2016 and works as a Quality Engineer. It is her job to ensure that all products delivered to the customer are in perfect working order. Martina has always been strongly connected to the digital world, and quickly realised that the IT sector was full of opportunities for her. When she heard of ecx.io, one of the few international companies in Varaždin, she immediately applied to us. The close collaboration with other ecx.io sites in the UK, Germany and Austria was a particular incentive for her.

Martina’s path to becoming a Quality Engineer:

  • Fundamental knowledge and interest in software quality assurance
  • Degree in information technology
  • Experience in software quality assurance

Martina works at one of our locations in Croatia. Find out more about our office in Varaždin here.


6:45 am

Start of the day

Martina lives not far from the agency. Her journey to work by car only takes 10 minutes. After getting up at 6.45am, she has enough time to comfortably get ready and enjoy her first cup of coffee at home. She arrives at the agency around 8am.


8:00 am

Warming up

The workday starts with a second coffee and a short chat. Quite often things are discussed or even solved in the kitchen or the corridor. At her desk, she then looks at her emails, checks open tickets and gains an overview of what needs to be done. If there is time before the daily meeting she begins testing.


10:00 am

Daily double

For most of the teams at ecx.io, the first meeting of the day is the daily scrum meeting. Because Martina works for two teams – one in the UK and one in Austria – she has two back to back daily meetings in the form of video chats. These are to discuss what was achieved the previous day and what needs to be done. The entire scrum team participates so that everyone is up to speed.


12:30 pm

Ordering lunch

Food for the lunch break is usually ordered from a delivery service. Occasionally someone brings something in. Martina’s team prefers to eat together, so they usually make a joint order.


1:00 pm


At lunch, current situations and tickets are usually discussed as a matter of course. Afterwards the things discussed are examined, tested and further developed, often jointly with the developers. If a question arises that can only be answered by the customer, the product owner or project manager also gets involved. It is therefore very helpful for the international sites that Martina and her team in Varaždin are in view or earshot of each other.


3:30 pm


Another of Martina’s responsibilities is the training of currently two new employees, known as enablement. Here she explains how and what is tested, answers questions and points out what needs to be given special attention. Quality assurance on different devices on several browsers with different programme versions, taking account of many other criteria, can be quite complex. Added to that is clean documentation and a clear structure, which make the work easier within the team. Here, she is concerned with understanding.


4:00 pm

Home time?

Before Martina leaves work, she checks to see if all the goals she discussed in the daily meeting have been achieved. If she finds something hasn’t been done, or has questions, she documents this and initiates further processing either personally or via a ticket. If there isn’t time for this, she makes a note to discuss the issue in the daily meeting the following day.


4:30 pm

When everything is running smoothly…

Martina likes to spend her evenings with friends. Or she takes advantage of the nearby river in Varaždin and goes for a run there or in the surrounding forest.

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