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A day with Isabel - Web Developer at

Wels, Austria


Isabel is currently the newest developer at Even before she got her school-leaving qualifications she became aware of us, and started working with us straight after she finished. Unusually, she gained a technical education alongside her schooling at a technical school (HTL). She had already established that programming was her goal. From the very beginning therefore, she wanted to work in a company with larger projects and new technologies. She is now a Sitecore Web Developer, building entire platforms with her team and training customers in their management.

Isabel’s journey to becoming a Web Developer:

  • Work placement: Development of software for eye specialists
  • Completion of education at Grieskirchen HTL, including technical qualifications

Isabel works at one of our locations in Austria. Find out more about our office in Wels here.


6:00 am

Commuting with perspective

Isabel’s day begins at 6am. She commutes daily from Lohnsburg to Wels, which takes around an hour by car, after making time to have breakfast at home. Isabel accepts not living close to work because at the end of the day – in the literal sense – this decision pays off. But more about that later.


8:30 am

Coffee? No thanks!

Around 8am Isabel arrives in the office. She doesn’t drink coffee and has already had breakfast, so she skips the customary trip to the kitchen and boots up her computer. In group chat, she checks whether her colleagues have discussed anything else the previous day which she should follow up. Then she checks her emails and looks through open tickets.



All about the sprint

By 9:45am at the latest, the rest of her team are there for the daily scrum meeting. In short, scrum means dividing a project into sections in order to focus on individual features. These two-week phases are called sprints, and for Isabel the current sprint is coming to an end. The meetings are therefore particularly important. Their purpose is to discuss tasks and possible hurdles, and to guarantee a successful sprint completion.


12:30 pm

The unusual baker

Lunchbreaks in Wels are spent in a great variety of ways. Some people go to the canteen in the nearby Institute of Technology. Others order something in. Isabel usually visits the travelling baker, who comes directly to the building every day. From time to time, she and her team drive somewhere out of town for lunch.


1:00 pm


When the midday slump strikes and everyone’s feeling sluggish, Isabel dips into chat. Here, her team maintains several threads on various subjects: Entertainment, tech news and work. There is always something interesting or amusing to be found – a perfect diversion before returning to work.


1:30 pm

Time to code

Tasks have been defined, hunger satisfied – now it’s back to the essentials: Programming. And because every line of code can be crucial, distractions are put on hold. Apart from important questions to or from colleagues of course. Otherwise Isabel is fully immersed in Visual Studio – her development environment.


4:00 pm

First check in, then check out

Before Isabel logs off, she assigns a clear status to every matter she has worked on. The next day this enables her to pick up seamlessly where she left off without having to reacquaint herself with the task. Before the weekend, like today, this makes twice as much sense. The current code status is then registered and thereby made available to all. Then she can toast the weekend with colleagues.


from 4:30 pm

Relaxing after work

What awaits Isabel at home is the reason she happily put up with an hour’s commute to work: Her family’s farm, which includes sheep, ducks, chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, cats, a dog and five horses. Because as much as she likes working with her team at, she also enjoys the contrast to working in front of a screen. Through riding and exercising the horses, her head clears in no time. On a sprint through the forest, the sprint at work fades quickly into the background. and You?

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