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A day with Alex - Senior Project Manager at

Vienna, Austria


Alex’s career as a Senior Project Manager for in Vienna has it all. As a digital all-rounder, he was already programming websites for smaller companies in 1999. This was followed by a move into the agency scene, a transition into project management, continual self-employment on the side, and later a merger with a POS marketing company. Eventually he wanted stability in his career. We are pleased to have him with us today.

Alex’s journey to Senior Project Manager:

  • Degree: Telecommunication & Media
  • Marketing services
  • Agency experience
  • Project management
  • 15 years of self-employment

Alex works at one of our locations in Austria. Find out more about our office in Vienna here.


7:00 am

Carefree commuting

Alex’s day begins at 6am. Not because he needs to get up so early, but because he wants to. Then he has enough time to enjoy a lazy breakfast and a leisurely perusal of the newspaper, after which he catches the train from Schwechat straight to Vienna. Half an hour later, around 8am, he arrives at the agency.


8:00 am

Coffee & Communication

There are a lot of consultants and sales employees in the Vienna office. They visit customers or go to other offsite meetings quite often. It is therefore hard to estimate exactly how crowded the office will be. However, you will always meet someone at the coffee machine to get a morning update.


8:30 am

“Operator. How can I help you?”

Arriving at his desk, Alex opens up his team chat to participate in a regular meeting. If you break down his job, you could say it’s connecting people, both internally and externally. He represents the interests of to the customer in the areas of digital marketing and eCommerce, is the regular customer contact and immerses himself in the relevant issues before the project begins, so he can look after the customer in the long term.


12:30 pm


The kitchen in Vienna is unfortunately still very small, so most people go the bakers nearby or the Asian over the road. In summer, it’s a different story, when the restaurants on the Danube welcome you for lunch in the sun.


1:00 pm

A visit to the IBM Client Centre

After lunch it is straight to the IBM Client Centre in Vienna. Within the IBM network, Alex is also the link bringing the teams together. He connects resources from both companies and ensures that responsibilities are clearly defined. Half the team might be from and half from IBM, with Alex in the middle as co-ordinator.


2:00 pm


Every day Alex has to inspire customers with ideas and solutions, and convince them of the best way to approach to a particular project. To make things easier, a workshop is often the best forum for discussions. If an idea, solution or product is created jointly, a common understanding has already been established. This is true for both new business and existing customers.


5:00 pm

Logging off

Alex loves his job at Here, he can make best use of the experience he has accumulated in various digital domains over the last 20 years. Nevertheless, he is looking forward to finishing work and the forthcoming weekend. This evening he has another date where he will do his utmost to connect people. But for this one he isn’t sitting at his desk or in the conference room, rather he is on stage with his 9-piece band, “Sappalot”.


5:30 pm

On stage with friends

Alex’s band is a cover band with an extremely wide repertoire. They play golden oldies from the 60s through all genres right up to new songs. Despite this, it is important for them to have their own unmistakable sound. This evening they have called in reinforcements from their circle of friends. This is the fifth performance of “Sappalot & Friends” – a concert in which Alex once again wants to connect with the audience, where everyone is invited to be the 10th member of “Sappalot” for the evening. and You?

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