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Sitecore's Content Hub
and Experience Platform

Sitecore connects customers and companies by experience.

With rich content, seamless commerce, and bespoke offerings, brands thrive in a world where the digital experience makes the product.

We are an experienced Sitecore technology partner with many years of Sitecore competence. We offer full support around the Sitecore Experience Platform.

The Challenge

It is no secret that today's consumers have more power and opportunities than ever. Their mobility and their understanding of interrelationships are increasing - their loyalty declining. Any brand hoping that a customer will return again and again is well advised to offer them a hassle-free, seamless, and highly personalized customer experience. Because that is exactly what customers expect today – and nothing less. Sitecore and - part of IBM iX, are here to help transform your digital business.

of companies believe they deliver “great experiences”.

of customers would confirm this statement.

expertise to get the 8% closer to the 80%.

Our Answer

To sustainably inspire and retain customers by experience, the lack of connection between marketing and e-commerce data needs to be overcome. Sitecore solutions help to bring all strands together to deliver exceptional digital experiences.

Sitecore Service Portfolio
Content is everywhere. It can sit on hard drives, in Excel files, but most likely bits and pieces can be found in marketing platforms. Marketing departments must be empowered with a simplified DAM, an accelerated content creation, and overall streamlined processes.
The Sitecore Content Hub includes all of this in one single platform: digital asset management, marketing resource management, content marketing, and product content management. This allows the entire marketing department to work collaboratively on one marketing solution.


  • 34% increase in marketing productivity
  • 47% faster creation of new assets
  • 84% faster to render existing assets
  • 50% reduction in agency spend
  • 20% faster to launch marketing campaigns

Capture data via every interaction – online, offline and anonymous – and apply machine learning to generate insights and personalize interactions across channels in real time at scale.

The Sitecore Experience Platform offers many advantages in one product:
Easy-to-use platform for reducing reliance on IT, Cost-effectiveness of managing content & digital experiences, Integration across the MarTech stack, Omni channel experiences, Consistent multi-site brand experiences, Automated personalized experiences, Campaigns and Marketing Automation, Analytics and insights.

Deliver rich, personalized shopping pre- and post-transaction, transforming customers into life-long brand loyalists.

Empower retailers and brands to win customers by personalizing the end-to-end interaction experience using data and content.
One product – many possibilities with Sitecore Experience Commerce:

  • Product information, web content, and digital marketing come together for unmatched shopping experiences
  • Native marketing tools include email, automation, analytics, and individual personalization
  • Cross-sell and up-sell, reduce cart abandonment
  • Connects to existing PIM, ERP, and POS systems
  • Testing and optimization
  • Unified, user-friendly, fast business tools to manage orders, catalogs, customers, inventory, pricing and promotions
Fact & Figures
If you're still unsure.

We are accumulating Sitecore expertise since 2007

We are one of the leading Sitecore Platinum Partners

We assign over 100 employees to develop Sitecore best practices

We have excellent knowledge in scalable digital projects

We are multiple winner of Sitecore Experience Awards

We are Sitecore Commerce and Content Hub experts

Markus Dietrich
Managing Director, – part of IBM iX
Not only do we offer a wide range of Sitecore solutions, but we can also look back on many years of successful cooperation.

Klaus Oberlehner

Managing Director


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