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With products and brands losing marketing power, the only factor left for true differentiation is the customer. Therefore, brands are expected to deliver personalised customer experiences across any channel, but often are challenged with separate systems that fragment the customer journey.

Sitecore Commerce allows personalising every experience, for every customer, in real-time, with rich content.

Its native commerce functionality is an integral part of the Sitecore Experience Platform that combines the strength of an industry-tested catalogue and profile system, with a new contextually aware pricing and promotions engine and enhanced order management functionality.

Through integrating Sitecore Commerce with CRM, PIM, ERP and other third-party systems a unique and seamless shopping experience is created, which puts the user in the focus of all interactions.

  • Experience Management
  • Product Information Management
  • Merchandising
  • Personalisation
  • Mobile
  • Cart and Order Capture
  • Profiles
  • Promotions

As a valuable partner, we want to develop digital projects that are relevant to our clients’ customers.

But how to achieve relevance for the user? By solving current challenges in the utilisation of digital services. The foundation for this is a comprehensive understanding of users, their needs and their interaction with digital products. Our strong interdisciplinary teams always put the user at the centre of their work, focusing on innovative project approaches.

Our working methods are about a deep understanding of our customers, the market, their business models and their targets. With a focus on user perspective, the findings are combined and provide the briefing for ideas of strategic challenges through business, creation and technology. Through activation campaigns, our interdisciplinary teams look after new and existing users and continuously measure the success of the maintenance and implementations.

With commerce clients like Alnatura, RedBull, apetito, Verbund and many more we underline our expertise as a leading European digital agency with more than twenty years of experience in e-commerce.

As a Platinum Partner, we provide concepts, development and support for the entire Sitecore portfolio, focusing on the latest standards, best practices and innovation. In addition to our know-how on existing modules and extensions, we also deliver tailor-made solutions. We have hosted countless successful projects and rollouts in more than 20 languages. Our experienced employees deliver high-quality Sitecore projects from start to finish.

As the first Sitecore partner in the D.A.CH region, we’re implementing a B2C shop for our client Alnatura with the recently launched Sitecore Commerce version.

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