User Experience Design

At the centre of all considerations regarding the design, usability and appearance of a website is a single goal: To reach users.

Ever more complex platforms with ever increasing reach and expanding opportunities are now available to internet users. In many cases, the digital experience is greatly enhanced by interactive and personalised content. Whether these opportunities are also accepted and have a positive effect on the brand ultimately depends on only one factor: The perception of the user.

Does the page offer added value?

Is it simple to use?

Am I represented as a user and offered advice?

Answers to these questions determine whether your platform is visited a second time and, in the best case scenario, recommended to others.

Our aim is that your users answer “Yes!” to these questions.

Therefore, our UX experts – from the information architect to the designer to the front-end developer – work specifically from the perspective of your users. Only in this way can we ensure that their needs are fully met.

Essential for this step are the Use Cases prepared by us: Typical target group usage scenarios that we thoroughly test with you.
Services are then structured or individual products highlighted in line with your company, your brands and your customers.

Contents of our User Experience Design Services

Creative Strategy & Ideas
During this phase we collect initial ideas and strategic approaches and examine and evaluate them from different angles. We always keep the history of your company and the (digital) positioning of your brands in mind. The result: Draft designs and idea concepts that can be showcased.
Website Concept
Our information architects always take a user-centred approach – so that your customers and prospects can find their destination with a few clicks and get a positive impression of you on the way. Content can be structured accordingly and a concept for navigation and domain structures designed.
Customer Experience Strategy
Each platform offers different opportunities for interaction and touchpoints. They must all be designed consistently and appropriately to create an integrated digital brand experience. Again, we assume the perspective of our customers: We plan who leads the platforms for your company and brands and support the added value developed through design and information architecture.
Responsive Webdesign
The boundaries between mobile and desktop use are hard to distinguish. The central interaction point is the web. For sustainable user experience – regardless of which device a user accesses your platform from – we pursue a device-independent approach with responsive web design. In this way we meet the principles of coherence, fluidity and adaptability.
Frontend Development
Our front-end developers transform UX design into an interactive user interface. They observe every necessary detail. Good web-based software products are created only when equal importance is placed on cross-browser functionality, web standards, progressive enhancement and performance. We also ensure our quality standards through early prototyping, an agile operation and testing. An implementation based on the atomic design approach turns your final software products into a perfect modular system (Pattern Library).

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