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Customers today are used to the best services and products – anyone who doesn’t convince them straight away will be clicked away from. It is therefore important to positively engage customers at every stage of their user journey. This can only be achieved if you know your target market well and offer them what they want.

We would like to show you how to analyse digital touchpoints, evaluate existing customer data and use the knowledge gained. Only in this way are your customers close enough for you to give them answers, even before they ask for them.

Connect the appreciation of your users with your individual corporate objectives simply by helping them at every stage – in the selection from the search engine results, in filling their shopping cart and during the completion of the final payment.

Focus on Personalisation

Take Big Data seriously as an opportunity: We help you to develop appropriate reporting tools and analyse complex data sets in order to convert them into strategic objectives and indicators.

Utilise the data from relevant users to deliver personalised content in order to remain effective on a solid base, because customised multi-channel activities are very popular amongst your customers. Their use of your products and services generates new data and information. And real knowledge of your target audience makes it possible to continually optimise content. The result is a virtuous circle which continues to develop itself.

Content of our Digital Marketing Services

Our holistic service approach enables us to tackle your digital performance in depth and to optimise customer experience – and therefore also your entire digital performance.

Because we are able to examine every detail individually along the way, we can divide our services into different areas.

Content Marketing
For professional content we are always on hand with cumulative expertise – from the content strategy to the editorial preparation to general content management tasks.
Personalisation & Big Data
We help you draw the right conclusions from the collated customer data in order to perfectly adapt your digital experience to your users.
Conversion Rate Optimisation
Usability, Content or Design – there are several ways to improve conversion via your digital touchpoints. We analyse your options and help you to position yourselves correctly.
Performance Marketing
We make sure that your messages are received: Using monitoring and optimisation measures, we analyse which are the best channels to use. We focus here on the areas of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEA) and Newsletter Marketing.
Research & Monitoring
For continual optimisation of your digital activities, measurability and appropriate tools are required – we will support you in this.

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