Consulting Services

Your digital strategy and the selection of a viable technology have major effects on your business. Products, tools and procedures should be aligned with your business goals, and changes strategically planned.

Together we will focus on your digital reality and future – starting with a workshop in which we will develop a fact-based foundation for you. Our consultants will analyse your company-specific requirements and, in collaboration with you, develop the mission statement for your customised digital transformation.

Throughout the entire project duration our work will focus on three things: You, your users and the goal: An innovative and sustainable solution.

Digital Roadmap

Through our extensive project experience, we know that successful consulting must be carried out at various points. The unique situation of each customer must be viewed holistically in order to provide appropriate recommendations for action. has developed the Digital Transformation Steering Wheel for the optimal visualisation of targets and actions. This is the basis for our entire consulting process.

Each section of the Steering Wheel provides necessary tasks and actions. These are priorities and translated into a long-term plan. In this way we develop a customised Digital Roadmap for each of our clients that supports them in aligning their business activity for the next three to five years


Contents of our Consulting Services

Insights Management
Insights Management focuses on analysis – always with the goal of generating valuable insights for our customers, from which optimisation measures can be derived. A concrete service portfolio is built from the analysis of business models, stakeholders, markets, competitors, trends, target groups (including touchpoints and customer journeys) and digital channels such as websites and social networks. 
Digital Brand Strategy
There are now no limits to the Digital Brand Experience. However, new input devices, channels and contact points must be identified, evaluated and developed. In combination with our other services, we find out why you trade in the way you do, what your customers love and why, and how you can optimise your brand experience with a long-term holistic approach.
Channel & Platform Strategy
Good brands provided content with added value and know how to share this via appropriate channels. We identify the best channels for you and show you where best to place your content. For the technical implementation of a consistent and uniform presentation of your message, appropriate technical platforms need to be selected. We support you in this.
Customer Intelligence
Each of your prospects and potential customers is unique. They interact with your brand via diverse online and offline channels and have different needs and lifestyles. You can use the date from these channels in order to understand your customers and automatically provide them with the right recommendations in the right context. We will support you in developing strategies to help you raise your customer experience to a personal, individual level.

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