Multichannel Marketing:
Multichannel - or die!

Multi-channel is the future and the future is… high time! The experts in multi-channel marketing will help launch you into the digital future. Welcome to the NOW – give us a call!

Multichannel – or die!

Mobile Internet devices have long since achieved a market penetration of over 50% and are our most used commodities. Moreover, they are the most common starting point for online activities of all kinds, and they are increasingly the first step on the way to purchasing a product. No wonder that this multi-channel trend influences customer and buyer behaviour in a big way.

Multichannel Commerce – a worthwile concept

The multichannel approach provides your customers with a seamless, modern customer experience, and of course it also benefits you to be everywhere your customers are:

  • With modern content management systems you can make the most out of your contents and re-use it for various devices
  • Through intelligent personalised and localised customer interactions, your multichannel marketing uses all available synergies

Customers who use more than one channel to obtain information about your brands and products spend more money than single-channel customers – up to four times as much!