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Mirjana’s Role Change

Our colleague Mirjana from Croatia went through a career change from Sitecore Developer to Service Manager in the operation team. After her maternity leave, she has started working in her new role in September 2020. Today she talks about how she experienced this change during the pandemic and how she works with her new team today.

Hi Mirjana, you went through a Career Change at What was your position before the change and how long had you been in that position?

Hi, yes that’s right. Before I changed, I had worked as a Sitecore Developer. With my team I found technical solutions for certain cases. We coded, created and presented new features in front of the customer. So, all the development-stuff. I really loved the job, it’s really “my thing” to create new technical solutions. For one and a half year I worked with this team. Then I left for maternity leave.

After your maternity leave, you wanted to change your role, right? What was the reason of your interest in a career change?

Yes, I wanted to go back to the drawing board and have a fresh start. Not because I didn’t like my old job or the team, I wanted to try out something new. After my maternity leave the talent team offered me a change to become a Service Manager. I didn’t even exactly know about the tasks of a Service Manager, at that time. So it was not a conscious decision to move into this area but I thought it is a pretty cool chance to develop myself. After some research, deep dive sessions and getting to know the whole team, I decided to take the chance and make a change. It also took a bit of courage because it was a completely different role from my previous one, but it worked out very well and I am totally happy with my decision.

Very brave of you to go into a completely different field of work. And of course, I’m pleased that you like it so much. Now you started the re-training-period in September last year – during the pandemic. In other words, your retraining took place in your home office remotely. How did that work out?

Due to the corona situation, the onboarding process was of course different than usual. Everything took place remotely and I got a “Buddy” who was always my go-to person for any open questions. He’s another Service Manager and lives in a different city, so we communicated via Slack or mail. Of course, this is not the same as face to face, but it still worked out very well. I never felt left alone and in general everybody was very supportive.

I went through a remote onboarding plan, just like every new colleague that joins our company. However, this was adapted to my projects. I learned about the team, the clients, the way of working and then got to know my main tasks. I’ve got access to the systems and after a short time I had my first meetings with clients. I didn’t miss anything during the digital onboarding – it was well organized and I felt prepared.

And how was your start in the new job from the home office? Did you connect well with your colleagues right away and were you able to quickly adapt to your tasks?

Of course, it is harder to connect as a team without seeing each other in real life. When you are so far away and maybe don’t know how your colleagues actually look like. But I was warmly welcomed and everyone around me was happy to help me and made me feel good. Besides our daily to-do’s, we have standard retro meetings as well for improving our ways of working. This way, we always keep in touch. Through this support, I have been able to familiarise myself well with my new tasks. That made it easier for me to switch to this completely different field of work.



That sounds pretty good. Then you have fully arrived in your new position and the team. How would you describe your new job in just three words?

That is a pretty tough question and I thought a lot about it. But I would define it as unpredictable, diverse and fast.

Each day everything can change immediately. We are working in a production environment where certain events can occur suddenly. We as a team don’t know which problems we are solving tomorrow. That is the reason why I chose the word unpredictable. The role is also very diverse. We are working on different tasks with different systems. There are a lot of other people and teams we need to be aligned with. And of course, we need to work efficient. Everything changes very quickly. Therefore, we have a limited amount of time to manage tickets.

Now you have been working in a new team since September 2020. Are there any similarities in your new job to your previous one or would you describe your new working environment as completely different?

It is completely different. From the development perspective I do not see any similarities to my previous job. The organisation of time is absolute opposed. As I already explained, we have to take actions pretty fast. And regarding the tasks, there is also nothing I could compare to my job as Sitecore Developer. And this is quite cool as I wanted a change and I got that.

And last but not least: What would you recommend to colleagues who are thinking about a career change within

Do it. I would always recommend them to change. It is good to leave the comfort zone. It is important for you and supports your development. And I really think a career change can provide that. If you try out a new role and you like it, it’s good. And if it turns out that you don’t, it is still no problem changing back. In my case, for example, I asked my superior directly if I could switch back again in case I don’t fit to my new role. And he assured me that I am always welcome.

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Intern Marketing

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