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Markus’ Role Change Story

Markus Reiter works at our site in Wels (AT) and moved from the role of Client Service Director to Business Consulting and Engagement Lead in January 2021. In an interview with our intern Franziska, he tells us how the change came about, how the transition went whilst working from home, and how he works with his new teams now.


Hi Markus. I’d like to learn more about your job change at the beginning of the year. How long were you in your previous job and what were your tasks before your change of role?


Hi Franziska. I’ve been with for over 6 years now and started in project management back in 2014. I worked as a Senior Product Owner until 2019 when I took over the role as Client Service Director, which I held until the end of last year. So, I can certainly say that during my time here I have got to know many different areas and, of course, a large number of colleagues at


And what made you decide to make the switch to Business Consulting and Engagement Lead this year?


At the end of last year, I just felt that I wanted to do something new. The role of Client Service Director is very exciting and it’s enjoyable to support our clients strategically, but I also wanted to become more operationally active again.

In the beginning, I didn’t have a definite idea of where I wanted to go – but I was supported throughout the process by my managers, and accompanied in the decision-making process. In the end, I decided on Business Consulting because here I can pursue my desire to work more on content-related challenges again. In addition, I can make good use of the broad professional expertise that I have acquired through my previous jobs and the experience I have gained from numerous projects and client relationships.

The role of Engagement Lead is rather new to me and a totally exciting and varied job that involves ensuring that our engagement model ( ways of working, project roles, staffing) works properly in our projects. I now also have the opportunity here to incorporate my previous experience (typical challenges in projects etc.) into this central role. It’s enjoyable and also brings significant added value to my current job.



I see. Due to the pandemic, you started the role change while working remotely from home. How did that work out?


The changeover was completely trouble-free whilst working from home. At we are used to working together virtually/remotely anyway. In addition, due to our steady growth, we are quite well practiced in training colleagues for new roles.

This was also the experience in my case, where we worked through specific tasks spread over several weeks based on an onboarding plan. A buddy helps you through the process and is available for any questions.


That sounds like a successful transition, I’m glad to hear it. Now the particular thing about you is that you divide your time equally between two roles. In spite of this, can you describe your current job briefly and succinctly in 3 words?


Exciting, because you are constantly faced with new challenges and you never know exactly what the day will bring.

Demanding. Our clients naturally have high expectations of us and our services. Many things often change relatively quickly, especially in our line of work, and that means that you are always developing yourself a bit further.

And it’s definitely fun! That actually applies to all the roles and teams I have had the opportunity to get to know during my time here. In addition to the excellent content work, it is a joy to work every day with people who have the necessary sense of humor 😉


I second that! What tips would you give to colleagues who are also thinking about a job change within 


First of all, of course, you have to realise for yourself that you want to change something. For me personally, there was never any question of leaving the company. Firstly because I feel very comfortable here and secondly because I knew that there was the opportunity for further development within – including some completely new roles.

I also spoke to many other colleagues who have changed roles. As I mentioned earlier, I was supported and advised throughout the process by my contacts at – which then opened up the options for me.

When the possibilities became more concrete, I had discussions with people from the relevant departments to get a more detailed picture of the respective area of responsibility and its specific tasks and challenges.

I can only advise every colleague not to hesitate. At, you have many opportunities to work in different roles, and you are accompanied and supported in the best possible way.


Author Franziska Dieker

Intern Marketing

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