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Marketing Automation

Addressing the customer’s needs

The power of marketing automation

Digitisation has fundamentally changed the role of marketing. Brands must now compete for ever more demanding customers in markets that are increasingly competitive and commoditised.

Today both B2B and B2C customers share similar points of view: they expect brands to reach out to them with personalised and highly targeted messages, showing a deep understanding of their needs and not only their names.

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New challenges for marketers

The changes on customer’s expectations come along with new challenges for marketers:

  • How to drive revenue and differentiate from competitors by reaching out to customers with the right message, at the right time via the right channel
  • How to gather, make sense of and effectively use data
  • How to prove marketing’s ROI to senior management

In this environment, data analytics and marketing automation are everything and transforming the nature of marketing into a data-driven, customer-centric operation that unifies business disciplines across above- and below-the-line activities.

Big data makes marketing automation no longer an optional solution but essential to assure the business success of your company.

— Natascia Pasero, Head of Business Consulting Digital Marketing


Harnessing the trend

We’re entering a new age, where customers are taking greater control of their relationships with brands and expecting more and more in return for the access to their personal data. Make sure to use this trend to your advantage by creating customer experiences, that build customer intimacy and enable a new range of hyper-personalised and context-aware services.

Download our article to find out more about how marketing automation and data analysis can support your business!

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