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Heading into 2021 at full speed: – part of IBM iX reviews the year 2020

With 2021 just having started, we would like to take a look back but also give an outlook for the next few months. 2020 has left every single one of us with different emotions. The past year has been full of challenges and changes, both for our personal and our work life. With families finding themselves in a different constellation of home, school and office as well as economies facing a global pandemic, 2020 has been a year full of new experiences. We saw each other’s homes in video calls, heard children voices during presentations and had to define our ways of working in an entirely new way. Lockdown periods, cancelled events and the reduction of personal relationships have forced us to reconsider previous methods and discover new ways.

We had to experience this ourselves, but above all we had to observe this on the market: digital initiatives have become as important as never before in these past months. Downtimes and various restrictions for the stationary retail sector have stressed the necessity to be digitally visible and profitable.

Driving digital business in 2020

We are very happy that we were able to complete various Go Lives and relaunches for our clients. With every successful project going live, we managed to drive our clients’ digital businesses in this special year. A total of 15 new customers were won and for more than 30 clients various digital projects were successfully implemented.

“I’m very humbled and thankful that we, as a team, where able to stay together in a very virtual way, to keep our values active and to deliver outstanding results. I am immensely proud, that our colleagues supported us every step of the way and once again, gave their all to make this special year a success. Despite the market challenges in 2020, we were able to drive and implement some really great results for our clients within our projects. Knowing what we are capable of as part of the IBM iX agency family, despite having faced these tough conditions, leaves me feeling very optimistic and excited about 2021.”

Helmut Nachbauer, Managing Director at – part of IBM iX

Although the year has been challenging, it has also been marked by progress as well as various positive memories within and the IBM iX agency family. In 2020, we worked again very closely together with IBM and our sister agency Aperto to reinvent businesses by making use of valuable synergy effects. We also deepened the partnership with our technology partners to jointly generate business and realise deliveries.

A year full of new experiences

While missing all the physical events throughout the year, we also appreciate that more virtual formats gained acceptance. In May this year we kicked-off our new webcast series IBM iX Digital Talks, connecting our digital experts with new and existing contacts on a virtual level. Since we do have a lot of exciting topics up our sleeves, we are continuing our webcast series with a fireside chat in January!

Moreover, we ended 2020 with our first ever completely digital year-end event. Even though we would have loved to celebrate with each other in person, we were able to bring our colleagues together across our locations in one single ecx.mas event. It was the perfect occasion to express our gratitude for our employees’ support and to (virtually) welcome over 70 new colleagues, who joined the family in 2020.

So, what a ride it has been. We are excited for 2021 and wish everyone all the best for this new year. Stay safe and we hope we might be able to see each other in person again sometime soon!


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