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Reinvent Tomorrow. Start Today.

At DMEXCO, we want to break the mould and normal routines we all know too well and start creating, building, making.  That's why we want to empower you to make the first steps towards tomorrow right here, right now. 
Together with a team of renegades and realists from IBM iX and family agencies Aperto and, you will be able to explore the possibilities that we can offer to reinvent your tomorrow.

Hall 7, Booth D028

We cannot wait to welcome you to this year’s booth in Hall 07/D028!

Interactive Smart Sessions will be the spark to kick-off the journey towards Reinventing Tomorrow. Together we can define a Reinvention-Roadmap, surrounded by thought-provoking keynotes, interactive Design Thinking sessions and engaging discussions to keep the dream as well as the focus alive throughout the expo.

Programme and Presentations 12.09.2018

BVDW - Tour 3: Digital Transformation
12.09. - 11:30 am
IBM iX Hall 7 / D028
Dietmar Dahmen, CIO, - an IBM Company
"Generation Z" - Address the right target group despite digital oversupply
12.09. - 1:00 pm
Seminar 5
Katja Albrecht, Chief Experience Officer, - an IBM Company
BVDW - Tour 6: Digital Commerce
12.09. - 1:30 pm
IBM iX Hall 7 / D028
Helmut Nachbauer, Managing Director, - an IBM Company
BVDW Tour 9: Customer Journey
12.09. - 2:30 pm
IBM iX Hall 7 / D028
Inge Scheibel, Team Lead Digital Marketing, - an IBM Company
BVDW Tour 10: Brand Building
12.09. - 3:00 pm
IBM iX Hall 7 / D028

Programme and Presentations 13.09.2018

Empowering Visualisation: AI in Design and Creativity
13.09. - 10:10 am
Experience Stage
Billy Seabrook, Global CCO, IBM iX
BVDW Tour 12: Programmatic Advertising
13.09. - 10:30 am
IBM iX Hall 7 / D028
BVDW Tour 13: Mobile
13.09. - 11:00 am
IBM iX Hall 7 / D028
BVDW Tour 19: Content Marketing & Storytelling
13.09. - 2:00 pm
IBM iX Hall 7 / D028
How to meet the challenge of digital disruption - key success factors for the digital enterprise
13.09. - 4:00 pm
Speaker's Corner
Sarah Bernuit, Vice President Digital Strategy & iX, IBM iX

IBM iX boat experience

On the first night of dmexco on 12th September, we will be hosting an exclusive boat cruise along the river Rhine.
We look forward to welcoming you on board our cruiser, Pure Liner, as a VIP guest. Relax (or party!) the night away with canapés, drinks and lounge music. Only a limited number of tickets are available for this event.


Impressions DMEXCO 2017

We at have been attending DMEXCO for the last few years now and this year, to compound on the huge success that we had last year, we are teaming up with the whole IBM iX agency family. This means we will have an even bigger booth this year, together with Aperto, and IBM iX.

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Our colleagues are really looking forward to welcoming you to DMEXCO 2018 and presenting holistic solutions from the Digital Business environment.

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