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A successful Digital Asset Management

Starting your DAM Project

Do you want to initiate a Digital Asset Management project but are unsure how to proceed?
The start of any project seems quite overwhelming, as managing digital content affects a variety of departments within the company. Furthermore, no two projects are alike. Different company structures and specific requirements have a major impact on the management of digital assets. So how should the project be introduced?

Pushing your DAM-Project

Our tip: Start small. First of all, you should examine which DAM provider is best suited for your company’s specific needs and business goals. Moreover, requirements but also potentials and possible obstacles should be identified. An appropriate roadmap for the planned project can be of help in this regard.

For the success of the digital asset management project, individual interest groups have to be united in any case and managed by an assigned steering committee. Clearly defined responsibilities and well considered communication with the involved business units are the key to success.

Our recipe for success

We have compiled our tips and tricks for a profitable Digital Asset Management in a detailed whitepaper. Have a look at our recipe for success and find out how to design your individual digital asset management step by step and, above all, how to achieve your desired goals.

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