Customer Engagement as Competitive Advantage

Digitalisation has substantially changed buying decision processes and the behaviour of customers. Brands are increasingly being led by customers. New channels, output devices and contact points increase the complexity of addressing customers. The generation of positive customer experiences is a competitive advantage and customer engagement becomes a vital factor – engage or die!

Brands need their own goals, a differentiated vision and a customer-centric culture. Operationalisation is always stronger using technology, but it is also necessary to rethink in the areas of organisation, leadership, expertise, strategy and business models. Whoever does this will also successfully master digital transformation!

Gerald Lanzerits, CEO ecx.io

Customer Engagement Whitepaper

Customer Engagement Whitepaper English

This whitepaper is intended to provide an overview of the status quo in the areas of customer engagement and digital transformation and to show the need for action in these areas. It offers ways to take the next steps in dealing with the digital transformation and thereby provides a compass for the resulting change process.