Author Experience: Usability for website authors

Who actually creates the user experience for the end customer – the UX designer or the website author?

Frontend and backend developers develop mostly for website authors and not for the end user. Authors therefore bear the main responsibility for the user experience, but are hardly considered as users and therefore often neglected. In order to place authors more prominently in the digital value chain, has dedicated itself to the topic of Author Experience (AX).

The Author Experience brings authors to the screen as users and creates an awareness of their needs: Authors should also be provided with the highest level of usability for their work. Only if authors receive appropriate support and empowerment, they will be able to work efficiently and create the best experience for the end user.

But how can the user interface be structured to be as functional as possible for the website authors? In order to create a goal-oriented author experience, we have developed three approaches that can significantly simplify the daily work of website authors. We are presenting the different approaches in our current Author Experience whitepaper.

Under the following download you can read how a high usability can be created and used efficiently in the long term.

Download the whitepaper here:

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